Poster for EPCC celebrating the 90th anniversary of Veljo Tormis, September 2020

Poster for WAKING THE BIRDS celebrating the 90th anniversary of Veljo Tormis, image developed from lake Onega petroglyphs of Finno-Ugric peoples dated 4th–2nd millennia BC, August 2020

Poster for TARTMUS, July 2020

RUUMID__SPACES, November 2019

EPCC visual on a bright led, October 2019

Civitella Foundation party for the release of Benedicte Maurseth’s book TO BE NOTHING, October 2019

"REGENERATIVE DESTRUCTION" — LABOR is a co-author for Estonian Exposition at Venice Biennale of Architecture in 2020

RECIPES FOR THE MIND has arrived. Photographs by Charles Lindsay, September 2019

Charles Lindsay at Tallinn Book Printers checking the first sheets of his next book RECIPES FOR THE MIND from Terra Nova Press, August 2019